Advertising should always be fresh, compelling and memorable. Combine a powerful message and image with consistent effort—in concept, design and placement—and your advertising will help define and differentiate you.

Our creative team at Bridge Communications & Consulting has run countless advertising campaigns in various media. Below are just two brief case studies (along with samples) of recent print campaigns.

George Petersen Insurance
After many years without any media presence, the challenge for this medium-sized independent insurance agency was to re-establish its public identity with a program that emphasized its rootedness in the community and its consultative, consistent and supportive approach to business. The solution: a long-running campaign featuring elegant photographs and intimate language that positions the agency as utterly reliable and value-oriented in the era of either mega-agencies or anonymous outfits flooding the marketplace with low-cost insurance quotes.

  First Community Bank
This start-up bank needed to establish—or more accurately, “uncover” —its brand in a local marketplace of well-established competitors. Wide-ranging consultations and sustained observation led to a campaign emphasizing its reliance on marching to a slightly different drummer than other banks, on strong personalities vested with the power to be creative and make decisions that can get deals done on behalf of customers.

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